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project overview

In 2014, the League developed a Master Plan for renewal of the league grounds:


  • Phase 1 (new playground) was completed in 2016.


  • Phase 2 (fire pit, plaza and seating areas) was completed in 2017


  • Phase 3 is renewal of the outdoor rink, tennis courts and adjacent hard surface areas.

While the 2014 Master Plan provided the overall intent for Phase 3, the scope and design details were left to be refined at the start of the project.

community survey

Community consultation for Phase 3 was done in 2014. People new to Crestwood since then have not had an opportunity to provide input and it is possible that priorities may have shifted in the last 6 years.  For these reasons, it was important to go back to residents to reconfirm scope.
A pre-design survey was done in late October.  We received 220 responses representing 32% of Crestwood’s population.  Download the full survey report here.

We found that socializing and skating are existing activities with the most potential to increase park use. Ice hockey also has high current support.  Tennis and spectating both reported lower satisfaction with current
use but a significant potential to increase use.

New activities with the highest potential support include pickleball, outdoor classes (i.e. yoga), outdoor fitness equipment and outdoor games (i.e. chess/shuffleboard).

design drivers

The survey responses revealed some recurring themes and values when it comes to redevelopment.  These concepts have been developed into the following statements that will act as Design Drivers for the project.  The purpose of Design Drivers is to help provide clarity about the goals of the project and give the Committee a tool to evaluate options and choices during the design process.

The redeveloped Phase 3 area will:


  1. Expand on the Character of the Park by:

a. Continuing the tradition of excellence in development

b. Supporting families with places to engage children
c. Encouraging community connections and ties between neighbors


  2. Be Grounded in Nature by:

a. Promoting exercise in the outdoors
b. Embracing winter as an active season
c. Welcoming all generations to the park with places to enjoy

  3. Be Practical in the Details by:

a. Being a safe place for people, infrastructure, and belongings
b. Simplifying upkeep and maintenance needs
c. Using resources in a sustainable manner, both in the short and long term. 

concept plan

Based on the design drivers, the Concept Plan contains the following features:

  • New outdoor rink, with boards, fencing and puck containment.  For summer use, pickleball courts and lines for other games (to be determined in design stage).

  • New tennis court, with sports surfacing and fencing.  Tennis and pickleball lines to be painted on the court.

  • A Central Plaza between the rink and the Hall, which can contain seating, landscaping, lighting and views into the rink.  It will expand the gathering area around the Hall’s outdoor covered patio and adjacent to the casual skating rink area from Phase 2.

  • A casual skating loop through the trees south of the playground area and adjacent to the casual rink.

  • Outdoor fitness equipment installed inside the skating loop.

  • A Community Plaza to the north of the tennis courts which can contain seating, landscaping, lighting and improved pedestrian access to the Hall.  The Plaza can be level with the parking lot to allow the entire space to be used for large community events.   There is also the potential to connect this Plaza to the amenities of the Crestwood Curling Club - details are still in development.

Comments or Questions?  email cprc@cclboard.ca

20201222_CCL Ph3_Concept Plan FINAL.jpg
our location

The neighbourhood is bounded by green space on three sides and 149 street on the west. It is nestled up against the North Saskatchewan River on the east with McKinnon Ravine on the north and MacKenzie Ravine on the south.  


We have two schools, six churches and one shopping centre.


our history

The Crestwood Community League is the "oldest" continuing Community League in Edmonton and Alberta. It is believed to be the oldest continuing Community League in Canada.

Situated in Northwest Edmonton, our community was founded in 1917 by a group of residents as the "142 Street Community League".